Products that meet even the highest expectations

Our assortment includes a wide range of products from many renowned producers, allowing you to discover unique flavors from various corners of the world.

Fish, caviar and seafood

Discover the fresh flavors of the seas and oceans in our rich offer of fish, caviar and seafood. Our offer includes various types of high-quality marine products.


We are a distributor of cheese and dairy products from all over the world. Our assortment includes a wide range of hard and semi-hard cheeses, cheese snacks and cottage cheese.

Beverages and juices

Our natural juices and drinks are rich in flavor and the essence of freshness. Selected fruits and vegetables are carefully squeezed so that each sip provides intense taste sensations.

Baked goods

From traditional breads to innovative bread-based snacks, our products delight with their aroma and consistency, being an integral part of every tasty meal.


Discover the fascinating world of extraordinary flavors and unusual ingredients that will enrich your culinary experience with new experiences. Check out our sea algae and ink available in various forms.
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We found 158 products that meet the criteria

Dried smelt


100 g

Keta Salmon Caviar


150 g

Juice from squeezed clementines


1 l

Trout caviar


50 g

Dried salted horse mackerel

Fish Snack

36 g

Smoked sprats in oil with mustard seeds


120 g

Hard ripened cheese – flakes


100 g

Borodinsky Lithuanian bread with sunflower seeds


300 g

Tobiko sushi roe imitation – orange


70 g

Chocolate butter BIO 62% fat.

Organic Milk

200 g

Lithuanian herring fillets with spices


220 g

Ryazenka Pieno Zvaigzdes

Pieno Zvaigzdes

500 g

Wakame chuka salad


150 g

Rjażenka BIO 4% fat.

Organic Milk

270 g

Memel Blue cheese with mold


1,5 kg

Capelin capelin caviar

Wodnyj Świt

100 g